Monday, February 25, 2013

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

Today's recipe is Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies!
These are really simple, but very delicious! The recipe comes from 'The Taste of Home Cookbook'. There is no flour in this recipe.
The cookies are so good that they were gobbled up before anyone had a chance to take pictures of everyone enjoying them! Sorry about that.
Let's get started!

We only need 24 kisses, so I opened up the bag and everyone is helping to count out the right number of kisses.

Here we have everything we need. Well, the cookie sheet is a little hard to see, as it got set on the stove where it wouldn't be in the way of the work-space  The cooling rack and sugar have been shoved to the back, the measuring cups are lined up in front of that, and Red has brought the vanilla. Black is minding the egg, Ruth has the peanut butter, and Hi-chan is watching the carefully-counted chocolate kisses. The measuring spoon and our bowl have been left at the front corner. We're ready to start!

Black gets the oven on preheat for us. 350°F (~175°C) is pretty common for cookies, and quite a few other things as well.

Ruth starts scooping peanut butter out into the measuring cup. We need 1 full cup (260g). Once we've filled up the measuring cup, Black hops up on the edge of the peanut butter jar for a look. "Wow!" she says, "That's a lot of peanut butter. This was full when we started."

Peanut butter goes into the bowl. Use the same knife you scooped it out of the jar with to get all the stuck-on bits out of the measuring cup. Don't worry too much about the bits you can't get, though.

Hi-chan helps add 1 cup (200g) sugar. Red and Black are enjoying the fact that the clear glass bowl makes it easy to see what's going on.

Now we cream the peanut butter and sugar together, until they're very well mixed. Ruth is just finishing that as everyone else looks on and gets ready for the next few steps. Red really likes measuring spoons...

Since none of the dragons can actually handle eggs very well in our world, I get to crack the egg into our mix while they watch.

Everyone crowds around to watch Red add the teaspoon of vanilla. Ruth is waiting on top of the jar of peanut butter because it gives him a good vantage point.

Mix it all together! It should start to pull away from the bowl and ball up a bit around your spoon when it's mixed well enough. It'll be a nice cookie-dough consistency, good for rolling into balls.
The picture at the right shows the fully-mixed dough, ready to be rolled up!

Before we roll up our cookies, we need a place to put them! Hi-chan and the smaller dragons have the parchment well in hand! Rolling it out is fun.

We have this set up like an assembly line. I roll up a ball of dough, a little more than an inch (3cm) in diameter, and hand it off to a dragon to position on the cookie sheet. Make sure to leave about 2 inches (5cm) between cookies, as they will expand a bit as they bake.

Ruth slides the sheet of cookie balls into the oven.

The cookies bake for 10-12 minutes, so Black sets the timer for 10 minutes. Always start with the lowest time and add more if needed.

And they're done! The tops are just slightly cracked, and they've puffed and flattened a little. Ruth helps me pull them out of the oven.

Press a chocolate kiss into the tops of the cookies right away, while they're still a bit soft on top. The remaining heat will help the chocolate to melt slightly into the surface of the cookie, holding it all together. Ruth is in charge of positioning kisses once the others get them unwrapped. "I love unwrapping presents!" Red exclaims, tearing foil off a chocolate kiss. Everyone laughs.

Once the kisses are on, the cookies need to cool for about 5 minutes. In the mean time, let's get the cooling racks set up!

And now we have cookies on the rack, waiting to be completely cool.
They got devoured too fast to get a picture of everyone enjoying them...

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