Monday, April 22, 2013

A Silent Kitchen

A moment of silence for those injured or killed in the attack on the Boston Marathon and the events surrounding the capture of the coward alleged to have set the bombs.
My kitchen has been quiet this week. I haven't done any baking, with or without Ruth and company. I live within the Boston metropolitan area, though far enough away that I wasn't directly affected by the events that unfolded last week. However, Boston is as much 'home' to me as the city I actually live in is.
I've walked through the area where the bombs went off. I've been treated at two of the hospitals that took in the injured immediately after the explosions. I'm really not sure what else to say.
What a lot of people outside the region might not be aware of is that the bombs went off on Patriot's Day, the holiday that celebrates the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Incidentally,  the suspect was captured on the actual anniversary of the beginning of the war. (The first battles took place at Lexington and Concord in the early morning hours of April 19, 1775.)
I really can't think of what else to say. Boston will bounce back of course; in many ways it already has. I am still a bit shaken (and a lot mad) as a result of the events. I am sure a great many people in New England are. For now, the kitchen is quiet. Next week will be back to normal. I'm going to hunt for a treat that's either originally from Boston or is a particular favorite in Boston for next weeks' recipe.
If there's a recipe you'd like to see, please e-mail me (Miaka). Thanks.

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