Monday, April 1, 2013

Ruth's Recipe!

Today we're making... what are we making today, Ruth?
April Fool!
What is all this?
Well, you've gathered quite a few things, but these ingredients seem really random. Rice, whole-wheat flour, dried cranberries, Karo (corn) syrup... "Why do you have both brown sugar and molasses? There's molasses in brown sugar already."
"There is?" Black asks. "Oh. Well, maybe it's not enough molasses."
"I wanted dark brown sugar, but you only have light. So we add extra molasses," Ruth explains.
"I suppose that makes sense," I reply. "Um, Red, you do know that's mint extract, not the vanilla, right?"
"That's what Ruth asked for," Red tells me. He sounds a little confused as well.
All this, plus white chocolate M&Ms, sliced almonds, and marzipan. "I don't get it, Ruth. What are we making? You didn't give me a recipe, and I don't see how all this goes together at all."
Ruth looks up at me and starts laughing. "Indeed it does not, Miaka. The recipe is April Fool!"
"It is a Fae tradition," Hi-chan explains. "Mostly just an excuse to pull pranks like always, but one day of the year when no one gets punished for pranks."
"Robin gets away with pranks all the time, though," Black points out.
"Like the time with the pants," Red adds.
"That sounds like a story you'll have to tell me..."

April Fool! So there's no recipe today! Look forward to Sablée Cookies tomorrow, though!

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